Monday, December 6, 2010


Today was a busy day. I drove all over the place. I went from home to my father-in-law's work (30 minutes) to grab the keys to his truck which was at his house an additional 30 minutes away. After grabbing the truck I went to go pick up the bike which was at my old house and then drove it to Electric Motorsport in Oakland. Over all travel time was two and a half hours. Once I was at Electric Motorsport Todd and I talked for two hours about the project.
      We came up with a lot of ideas and formulated a plan. The biggest hurdle will be fabricating the rear end suspension. The original bike came with the engine and transmission integrated into the rear swing arm much like a scooter. We have to realign the rear swing arm to the original position so we don't change the suspension geometry. It could seriously affect the steering.
     As far as the rest of the project, the only hurdle will be money. I could go with some state of the art AC Permanent Magnet motor, controller, lithium ion batteries and BMS (battery management system). Or I could go with a brushed DC motor and lead acid batteries which would bring the materials down from $7,000 to $2,500. A huge difference in price but also performance. I would be looking at a 80+ MPH top speed with the expensive unit down to 50 MPH plus or minus. My range would go from 100 Miles to about 40 and I believe the bike would be a lot heavier.
          The system I was recommended was an 84 Volt with 28 - 100 amp hour lithium ion batteries. That would be a sweet system but would hurt the pocket. I think I am going to go with the $7k system. I am trying to build something that is going to get attention (hopefully from investors as well as passerby). The sales rep for the bike said that he has had many (how many?) request for this bike in electric. Once I have completed the build and it works well I will be more than happy to discuss a business plan with them. After all, I am the one taking the risk and spending the money. It would be nice if they wanted to pay for some of the project (doubt that would happen). Since I am going to go with the more expensive build it's going to take a little longer than I hoped for. I have to save quite a bit more money but in the meantime I will start to fabricate the suspension/motor mount up and wait for the old transmission to come in (they forgot to send it). I have attached a few pictures of me loading the bike onto the truck.

I used two 2x6's and two 2x4's to ramp it into the back

I had to use concrete block so the bike wouldn't bottom out as I rolled it up the ramp (parking brake was a savior!)

The trike was light enough for me to pick up the front and roll it it's last bit into the truck

Here it is in the truck. It's track width is wider the the bed of the truck so it stayed on the tailgate for transportation. I had to do the same thing once I brought it back today, they did not have enough room at Electric Motorsport to store it there for me. It was quite a long day.

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